"A new hair color right before your eyes."

Changing your hair color is a great way to revamp your beauty look. The first step to any life-changing color story is figuring out what new hue would be most flattering on you. There are many factors to consider, including skin tone, undertones, and eye color. And The right hair color that complements your eye shade can make your look truly shine. With so many alluring options that all feel equally stunning, it can be hard to narrow it down. To help you spot the perfect new hue, keep reading for the best hair colors for green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, and hazel eyes.

The Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes
If you have gorgeous green eyes, there is a wide choice of colors that can bring out your unique eye color.

Intense or Pastel  Orange 
Rich warm hair colors will beautifully complement your green eyes. Choose our Intense Copper Orange and match it with hints of caramel, honey or a balayage with light brown to dark brown base and you can be sure this would be a perfect match.  A trendy all over Pastel Peachy Orange will bring out your feminine soft side, and will make you a true heartbreak.

Deep red
Red sits opposite of green on the color wheel, which makes Ruby Moon one of the best hair colors for green eyes. Ruby Moon is a vibrant, red-brown hue that won’t disappoint.

Pastel or Intense Blue
One of the most eye-catching combos out there is green eyes and deep blue hair. Those green eyes paired with Intense Royal Blue or Pastel Silver Blue are sure to draw attention. Since blue hair color can make pale skin look washed out make sure you find the right blue hue for your skin tone too.

The Best Hair Colors For Blue Eyes
If your eyes are any shade of blue, consider taking hair cues from the options below.

Warm Pastel Colors
Hair color with hints of orange and rose is a perfect fit for sapphire eyes. A rose gold  pastel shade like Pastel Rose Gold limited edition Bundle is a beautiful combination of rose and peachy hues. The sun-kissed color seems practically meant for those with blue eyes.

Cold Pastel Colors
As far as statement hair colors go, it doesn’t get bolder than platinum blonde hair spiced up with hints of ash, purple, blue or rose. Ideal for dark brown hair to light brown hair, our Pastel Silver Collection is seriously flattering when paired with a blue eye hue.

Violets and Pinks
Deep violet and pink hues will really bring out your baby blues. Matching this two in a jaw dropping balayage is one of the best color combinations for blue eyes.



The Best Hair Colors For Brown Eyes
For all the brown-eyed beauties, there is a wide variety of colors that blend in wonderfully with your chestnut eyes.

Deep or Intense Red Colors
Brown eyes have an array of natural tones in them and hair colors that complement those tones are a must. Enter deep red, like our Ruby Moon which blends a hint of deep reds with intense magenta a shade for a hair color that looks seriously stunning with brown eyes.

Pastel Rose Gold Blonde
If you have light brown, nearly copper-colored brown eyes, Rose Gold hair is a match for you. It will play up the warm, amber tones in your eyes.

Intense Pink Colors
Intense Magenta Pink color is another great color to bring out warm tones in brown eyes. Magenta is perfect for doing just that. The red-meets-brown hue was practically made for those with brown eyes.

Ash Blonde
For dark brown eyes, consider keeping things cool and contrasted with an ash blonde hair color. The ashy undertones will complement the deep, cool shade of your eyes while the blonde shade will create just the right amount of distinction.

The Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes
With shades of green, amber, and blue, there are plenty of flattering hair colors for hazel eyes. Take your pick from one (or all) of the options below.

Intense Red
Warm Cherry Red is ideal for those with hazel eyes. It will bring out shades of amber and highlight hints of blue and green.

Cool Blonde
Cool hair colors will be your best friend if you have hazel eyes, and a Lavender White or Silver Gray are no exception. Our platinum blonde with a twist collection of Pastel ColorConditioner's will beautifully compliment the blue and green notes in your eyes.

One of the hottest hair colors at the moment, copper hair just so happens to also be one of the most flattering hues for hazel eyes. Try our GO Orange and get the most vibrant and long lasting damage free hair color out there. The contrasting shade will draw out the green and blue tones in your eyes.

Writen by : Nadja U., the color specialist.