So you are asking your self and searching the world wide web about how to get that perfect Rose Gold hair color?
Well don't look any further, you came to the right place. We are about to reveal the secret on how to get the most amazing Rose Gold hair possible.

Here is the recipe! :)

What you need:

- Pastel Rose Gold bundle of ColorConditioner's 
- bowl for mixing
- tint brush
- gloves
- plastic shower cap

The procedure:

1. Mixing
For bleach blonde or white blonde hair base:

- Mix 2 parts Pastel Peachy Orange and 1 part Pastel Silver Rose ColorConditioner™ in a bowl. 

For medium warm blonde hair base: 

- Mix 2 parts Pastel Silver Rose  and 1 part Pastel Peachy Orange  ColorConditioner™ in a bowl. 

2. Make a strand test.
Take one strand of your hair and apply the mixture, let it develop for at least 20 min, rinse with lukewarm water and blow dry.
If you like the color you can use the mixture for a whole head application. If the color turned out to pink add 1 additional part of Pastel Peachy Orange. If it turned out to Orange add 1 additional part of Pastel Silver Rose.
Mixing might seem complicated at fist, but once you start to experiment you will see that this can be quite fun, you can adjust the color tone to get just the right Rose Gold hue.  

3. Make a whole head application by starting on the back of your head and proceed to the front. Make sure the mixture is evenly applied form roots to the end of the hair. Massage you hair a bit to help the pigment to penetrate the hair shaft. Put on a shower cap or any other pvc material that can be used as a cap, that way you will create some heat on the hair and the pigment will penetrate deeper, resulting in a longer lasting color. 
Let the color develop for 20 to 90 minutes. The final hair color will turn out darker if you leave the product on your hair for 40 to 90 minutes.

4. Rinse
Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, do not use any shampoos or other conditioners. Dry you hair an viola, you got a perfect Rose Gold hair color.





durch Yezenia

Is this like a temporary hair die or is it a permanent color

durch Meta

I have been looking for this recipe, finally got it. Thank you Evilhair. I will place an order and send you the result of this beautiful color as soon as I try it. Have been using your product already, they are super good! Can not wait!

durch Tea

Great recipe Evilhair. I yust ordered the products and can’t wait to try this out.
Will report back how it went. ;)

Greetings from UK.